Stormy O'Brien

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Predictable Me
on 241108.22 @ 7:25am
=/\= Personal Log =/\= Cmdr Stormy Caitlyn O'Brien DS9 StarDate 241108.21 Flashing lights from the chrono brought her to wakefulness. Groaning it had only been… View Log
Just a day in the life of O'Brien
on 241010.30 @ 7:06pm
0300 Stormy stretched and slid from the bed, by 0330 she was bathed, dressed in her duty uniform, thick auburn hair neatly braided around the… View Log
R&R Messages from Home.
on 240905.18 @ 4:31pm
Some time after the Cortana rejoined the Fleet, and she was relieved from the Conn… she retired to her quarters for a few hours rest.… View Log
BOY TROUBLE -3- (Backdated post)
on 240901.13 @ 1:37am
This is a joint log that started in the wrong place. Q- known as Caleb: played by Angelus vxv Stardate: 240811.13 BOY TROUBLE –3- Morgan… View Log
Boy Trouble -2-
on 240811.16 @ 10:00pm
Q -Caleb: Considering the fact that he's the one whom created the storm. And it was going to be bad. How could he not observe… View Log
Boy Trouble
on 240811.16 @ 9:58pm
Q -Caleb: Q is a troublemaker, one of the bad boys of the Continuum. But he is open to new ideas and possibilities. Q admired… View Log