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Commander Titanic

Name Titanic

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Gargoyle
Age 150

Physical Appearance

Height 7'
Weight 625 lbs flesh 1,136 lbs stone
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey


Spouse Widowed
Children None
Father Unknown, Raised by Clan
Mother Unknown
Other Family SIBLINGS: 20 rookery brothers and sisters, 14 deceased

Personality & Traits

Personal History
Titanic was hatched in Halifax on November 25, 2266, and raised by his clan as most gargoyles are. After he completed a rudimentary education, he continued on to medical school, although his marks and skill was at the top of his class, his race was not yet considered at the time to be "real" so he was not awarded the title of Medical Doctor. At this time, he bought a small ship and headed off Earth for a few years, where he practiced surgery in an alien medical corps during a war effort. Later, he returned to Earth, and assured that he was considered a person under the law, and considered going back to med school, but the experiences of the wartime surgery were enough for him. He took a mate on Earth and attempted to settle down, but found himself quickly growing bored being earthbound. He enlisted in Starfleet and became ships counselor on board the USS Anderson under Captain KTF in August of 2394. In January of 2397 on an extended leave of absence to Earth on the Borg attack on earth caused him to be caught in a rad bomb explosion. His eyes and optic nerve were severely burned and could not recover. His mate, several rookery brothers, and all his clans rookery children were lost in the attack. On July 5, 2501 The EMH Mark 1 (copy of Voyagers mark one) Used his medical skill and vast knowledge to take the time to understand gargoyle physiology, cures Titanic's eyes and repairs the optic nerve. With his vision restored, he accepted a security position aboard the USS Melbourne. While working in this position, his then Captain, Third of Five, encouraged him to attempt to seek his medical license again. He did so, and has had his doctorate validated, qualifying him to practice medicine. He transferred to Assistant Medical aboard the Melbourne, before returning to Earth again, going into practice for a few years, specializing in Thoracic surgery. After three years, he returned to Starfleet, taking a brief ACMO posting on board the Enterprise, before embarking on a philanthropic mission, building a crew of the finest doctors in the Alpha Quadrant, and taking his own ship, the CMS (Civilian Medical Ship) Olympic to anywhere they are requested to lend aid.

MEDICAL HISTORY: April, 2496 - mild heart attack. January, 2497 - radiation burns cause permanent blindness. July 2501 - EMH Mark 1 Test program repairs Titanic's eyesight.

OTHER NOTES: My own commendations go to the EMH-Mark 1, also known as Mark, for allowing me to see again.
Service Record Ships Counselor - USS Anderson
Chief Of Security - USS Vindicator
Security officer - USS Melbourne
Assistant Medical - USS Melbourne
Assistant Medical - USS Enterprise
Executive Officer- USS Pendragon
Assistant Chief Medical- USS Cortana
Executive Officer - USS Cortana