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The USS Cortana is an IRC Star Trek Simulation, primarily played through live IRC SIMming. Join our crew in our mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

The USS Cortana is a Sovereign Class besides the standard Starfleet computer systems The Cortana has a pro-active computer entity known as "Cortie." Cortie is a progressive Artificial Intelligence using not only computer interface and voice analysis to operate the ship, but also image recognition and the aid of holographic projectors to give an entirely new level of interface to a Ship AI.

The Cortana is an interactive simulation for all levels of experience, from the newest to Star Trek SIMming to the most experienced. The Command team has ideas and ways to engage your character Just ask. Don't be shy.

Please take a look at the information provided on this website. If you are interested in joining; please contact the [Command Team at cmd@cortana dot ucip dot org]


Latest News Items

» Nova Update Complete

Posted on 241710.17 @ 5:42am by Captain Stormy O'Brien in Website Update

Nova Update 2.4.10 Complete. 241710.17 02:20am pst

» Website Update October 17, 2017

Posted on 241710.16 @ 2:03pm by Captain Stormy O'Brien in Website Update

Greets Y'all,

The Website will be unavailable from 3am- 5am EST for maintenance and to be updated.


» The Ten Basic Rules of SIMming

Posted on 241605.02 @ 9:51pm by Captain Stormy O'Brien in Out of Character

- a refresher course ;o)-

By L.Horatio Hawke

1. Creativity is key, creativity gives life to your character.

2. Pay attention to detail. Keep up with what others are doing and writing, it just might affect your character.

3. Be flexible, anything can happen in a SIM.

4. Remember the Golden Rule. Treat others in your logs the way you would want to be treated in theirs, with respect.

5. For every action there is a reaction. If you put a gun to your head and fire, chances are, you’re dead. Don’t do dumb stuff.

6. Words are powerful, use them carefully, and write so others understand what you’re doing.

7. Communicate. Talk out of character (OOC) with other crew members in email. It builds cohesion and can add to creativity.

8. Stay involved, you can’t always be the center of attention... but that doesn’t mean your character can’t do anything.

9. Develop your character. Make sure you use traits about your character in your logs. Don’t just write a bio and then play your character completely different.

10. Be consistent, that way others know what to expect of you. Overtime it can be like ESP.

» 50 Things to do when your stuck for a Post

Posted on 241106.05 @ 3:59am by Captain Stormy O'Brien in Simm Announcement

Here's some inspiration for posting that won't interfere with a Mission.

Something Wolf found out on the net. It's from the USS Apocalypse in Obsidian Fleet (this credit must stay intact.) Original Posted by Fleet Admiral Jason Roberts SFMoH on 241004.20 @ 03:02
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Need something to spice up your character's day to day life on the ship or star base? Here's some ideas that relate specifically to individual characters and do not interfere with an ongoing, major mission of the vessel they are on. Feel free to use any of these and please add anything you can think of that might help others have fun and develop their characters.

Does not include holodeck ideas or shore leave ideas since these are virtually limitless.

1. A long lost relative dies and leaves you a gift; a disruptive teenager to look after until a new home can be found.
2. Sign up with the ship's doctor for annual first aid training.
3. Go along with the Marines or security for annual live phaser fire training.
4. Daily exercise routine.
5. Have friends over for dinner.
6. Have the flight officer check you out for your annual certification to fly runabouts.
7. Get an interesting shipboard hobby: musical instrument, computer games, Polynesian dragon boat racing on the holodeck.
8. Independent research project into [insert alien civilization] political unrest.
9. Take shore leave and just post to the group by yourself with the NPCs you meet.
10. Have a maintenance malfunction in your quarters and have to live with the grumpy Klingon security officer for two weeks.
11. Isolate the power draw that's causing a .01 % loss of power to the port warp nacelle.
12. Identify the molecular chain that develops Rectellian Fibrosis in humans.
13. Go outside the vessel in an EVA suit to repair damaged shielding emitters.
14. Find out that the grumpy security guard is missing annual physical training and the only course available is knitting.
15. Find out that the wimpy doctor is missing annual physical training and the only course available is hand to hand combat with the security team.
16. Get stuck with shipboard Legal Officer duty and have to work with alien governments to get drunken crewmen out of bizarre legal customs and strange jails.
17. Get stuck with shipboard Safety officer duty and have to check every emergency escape pod and medical kit on the entire ship.
18. Get stuck with shipboard Supply Officer duty and try and find cargo that was misplaced two months ago while people yell at you because there's no cherry pie in the galley or the replicators.
19. All junior officers eventually have to be the Officer Of the Day, or OOD. Stalk around the ship after hours and try and catch crew members sleeping on watch.
20. Be the OOD and get stuck watching the ship while everybody else goes on shore leave.
21. Get stuck with shipboard Maintenance Officer duty and dispatch repairmen to fix malfunctioning lights in one person's quarters and try to keep the fighter craft operational.
22. Get stuck with shipboard Personnel Officer duty and try and track down someone's back pay in Federation credits while you straighten out the filing disaster the last Personnel Officer left.
23. Get stuck with shipboard Training Officer duty and schedule everybody for regular annual certification and qualifications on hand to hand combat, runabout operations. Be the one who has to tell the Captain that he needs four hours of knitting to meet his annual fitness requirements.
24. Get stuck with shipboard Morale Officer duty, organize volleyball tournaments in the hanger bay and musical concerts as well as help crew members with minor personal difficulties.
25. Have a computer glitch in the watch list and have the wimpy doctor assigned as duty engineering officer.
26. Have a computer glitch in the watch list and have the wimpy doctor be assigned as duty bridge officer and be in charge of the entire starship or station when the Captain and XO are off the bridge.
27. Gather a reading group in the ship's data library.
28. Have a lengthy, detailed dream.
29. Have a detailed memory from your childhood.
30. Discover an anomaly in space from celestial calculations.
31. Discover a computer glitch in the ship's onboard computer system.
32. Find a vulnerability in the ship's computer security system.
33. Meet a potential love interest in the knitting class.
34. Find the missing pet that escaped from a crewman's quarters.
35. Attend shipboard university level class.
36. Teach a shipboard university level class to crewmembers trying for a commission.
37. Get picked for the lead part in the ship's theater troupe for a dramatic play.
38. Get stuck inventorying extremely remote storerooms that aren't even on the ship's schematics.
39. Get stuck as the duty rescue shuttlecraft pilot and called off on a medical emergency in the middle of the night.
40. Plant some vegetables on the biodeck.
41. Get stuck supervising uncooperative engineering technicians changing of air filters in everybody's quarters.
42. Check up on NPCs in your department.
43. Have NPCs in your department come to you with personal problem.
44. Get a pet.
45. Participate in Federation holiday celebration on the ship or starbase.
46. Have a relative visit on board for a short while.
47. Supervise the ship's Flying Squad, or fire response and emergency medical teams.
48. Supervise the ship's Security Team, or security fast reaction force.
49. Hang out in the officer's ward room and shoot the breeze with other officers.
50. Perform some day to day rituals unique to your culture.
51. What's a Parrot fart?

» DS9 -Deep Space Nine

Posted on 241011.16 @ 6:12pm by Captain Stormy O'Brien in Out of Character

INFO for the New Plot: A Timely State

One of the most historically, politically, and strategically important space stations in the Alpha Quadrant, Deep Space 9, originally known as Terok Nor, was an orbital space station constructed by the Cardassians in orbit of Bajor. Under Federation administration following the Cardassian withdrawal, DS9 became a vital commercial port and defensive outpost because of its strategic location near the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole. It later became a key tactical location in the Dominion War. (Borrowed from Memory-Alpha.org)
For More information go to: http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Deep_Space_9

Look for images of DS9 at http://lcarscom.net/ds9.htm – This page has schematics (where everything is located ) And images of the command center, sick bay, Quarks bar, Handball court, Bajoran Temple –etc.

Latest Mission Posts

» 241808.XX Dr Cmdr T Gerhardt, LtJg E Zivasd

Mission: Missing
Posted on 241808.19 @ 10:04pm by Commander Tasia Gerhardt

=/\=*****Duty Log*****=/\=
Dr (Cmdr) Tasia Gerhardt, CNS
LtJg Eifysiene Zivasd, CFO

Deck 7, just outside sickbay, en route to Zivasd's quarters>

Eifysiene still felt weak but she wasn't gonna be forced into a wheel chair or any other support device to help her move. Her head was still…

» SIM LOG 241801.14

Mission: Snowbound
Posted on 241801.15 @ 1:40am by Captain Stormy O'Brien

This week, Cmdr Kosuke MD & her Medical Team performed brain surgery on Cmdr Gabarus - While mysterious malfunctions occurred all over the ship keeping all the departments staff busy and on their toes. CORTIE AI tried to shut down all the glitches only to have a new one pop…

» 241710.XX USS-Cortana

Mission: Missing
Posted on 241801.08 @ 9:09pm by Commander Hoshiko Kosuke & Commander Tasia Gerhardt

=/\=*****Duty Log*****=/\=
Dr (Cmdr) Hoshiko Kosuke, CMO
Dr (Cmdr) Tasia Gerhardt, CNS
LtJg Eifysiene Zivasd, CFO


After stepping to one side to allow the other doctor egress, Tasia studied the person before her and could tell that she was having trouble creating and maintaining mental shields, as…

» 241801.07 USS-Cortana SIM LOG

Mission: Snowbound
Posted on 241801.07 @ 11:48pm by Commander Hoshiko Kosuke

Last week, Cmdr Gabarus' return from an icy planet got underway via tractor beam, since the shuttle was badly damaged. Due to Hyperion particles, the Cortana's transporters are also not functioning.

This week, we focus on bringing in the shuttle. Needs to be brought in slowly due to the structural…

» 241712.10 USS-Cortana

Mission: Snowbound
Posted on 241712.11 @ 12:19am by Commander Hoshiko Kosuke


SAR efforts continue on the frozen planet below, hoping to find one shuttlecraft containing the First Officer Cmdr Gabarus aboard.
Captain O'Brien coordinated rescue efforts from the bridge. WO2 Beckerson offered assistance.
Cmdr Kosuke uses the ship's computer to recalibrate the medical sensor array settings to scan for Cmdr…

Latest Personal Logs

» 241708.Duty Log, Cmdr H Kosuke, CMO, Cmdr Steck, COps

Posted on 241709.02 @ 12:57pm by Commander Hoshiko Kosuke

***Duty Log***
Cmdr H Kosuke, CMO
Cmdr Steck, COps

Chief Medical Officer's Office>

Late in the evening, the main doors softly swished open at the Chief Medical Officer's approach. Her duty shift had ended several hours ago, and she'd planned to finish unpacking, but her absence during the refit…

» 241708.29 Personal Log, Cmdr H Kosuke, CMO, Civ N Chardan

Posted on 241709.02 @ 11:01am by Commander Hoshiko Kosuke

Nathanial stood in the arboretum looking over the rail at one of the gatherings of plants and flowers. He'd gone to his assigned quarters and changed clothing into something more of this period so he didn't stand out as much. He didn't go to a populated part of the vessel,…

» Settling In

Posted on 241401.22 @ 4:54pm by

=/\= SD 241401.22 =/\=

Computer, begin recording personal log. [@*^#]

After spending some time getting to know Commander Titanic, or technically him getting to know me, I returned to my quarters to get settled in. The quarters I was given were located on Deck 4 and while they aren't as…

» A Welcoming Sight...

Posted on 241307.02 @ 12:51am by

Computer Begin Personal Log *^$%

_// Chief Tactical Officer's Log, Lieutenant Tallok Barns, Stardate: 241307.02_\\

I am on my way to join up with the USS Cortana, traveling in a Danube class runabout, the Cortana is a ship that I have learned to call my second home. I heard that…

» Zetari RnR

Posted on 241210.27 @ 9:14pm by Commander Hoshiko Kosuke

RJ stomach growled and decided to go on a field trip to the Promenade instead of having a meal in his office. While his kitchen staff was exemplary, sometimes, he wanted to get out of the office altogether. He headed to Rosemary’s. He’d grown to like the place and the…